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Re: A sad day for Fedora, A disappointment for Open Source

John Baer skrev:
Nicu wrote:
Ok, I hope I qualify as "someone".
I directed you some days ago at http://www.isity.net/blog/?p=57
Development on the Fedora 7 theme is ongoing but not on this list but behind some closed doors and we are not invited to the party.

This is truly a sad day for Fedora and a disappointment for the
community of Open Source.

If Fedora did not want our help simply state it, close down the list
server, call it good. Diana certainly has the skill and talent to do the
artwork and obviously doesn't need our help.

Unfortunately I don't agree with you. Diana seam to be a fine artist, you are right in that. The problem is, that it takes more than being a fine artist to make a good desktop theme. In fact being a fine artist may even be a problem as most good art is about making a statement, while creating a desktop theme is more like making visual elevator music. It should be there, it should look reasonably good but not draw too much attention or create any major mood swings of the observer, it should help the user find the way in the system. The balance between being dull and very good is very delicate.

To get it right, you need a little knowledge in HCI besides good artistic skills, and judging from previous theme disasters in Fedora, Diana doesn't seam to have such HCI skills.

I'm really glad I didn't discover the Fedora art project, until it was too late to make any new contributions, if I had made such an effort as many others on this list have done, I would have been seriously pissed off. If English had been my native language I probably had written some articles to /. or osnews.com about this, to warn people from wasting time on
Fedora when they ask for help.

Uno Engborg

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