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Re: A sad day for Fedora, A disappointment for Open Source

On 14/02/07, John Baer <baerjj gmail com> wrote:
If Fedora did not want our help simply state it, close down the list
server, call it good. Diana certainly has the skill and talent to do the
artwork and obviously doesn't need our help.

Letting this sham go on for months while folks invest their time and
honest effort is completely contrary to the spirit of open source.

I think that shutting down the list is a little OTT but I see what
your problem is and I share it; it seems it's a case of thanks-and-bye
with FC7. This didn't happen last time round IIRC, Mola's 3D rendering
was certainly helped toward the end with professional efforts but that
was after a lot of commnity development.

On 14/02/07, Joachim Frieben <jfrieben gmx de> wrote:
Some polish by a graphics professional was really needed, and I am glad to hear that Diana whose work has always been extremely well done is going to give a final touch to the artwork for "F7".
[...] somehow a decision had to be made ..

This is what I'm slightly disappointed with more; the decision should
really be made by the community who make it from the remaining leading
choices. I feel that if any more work needed to be done, it should at
least be done with comms with this list. From the way it's coming
across, there will be nothing until release day when we shall find out
for ourselves.

That's my tuppence, anyways.

And regarding the "Echo" icon theme, I do not see any interference with the  the remaining artwork. They are rather independent from each other.

True; as I've said before, the Echo stuff is much more long term.
There's still issues other than simply final artwork that need to be
sorted, such as KDE support etc.

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