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Re: A sad day for Fedora, A disappointment for Open Source

Joachim Frieben skrev:
Fedora is claimed also to be a "community" project. If it is not, then we should just declare this mailing list and the Art project closed and stop using them.And just sit back and each 6 months when a new version is released act as fanboys and worship the great powers that brought us the graphics (you know, just like in the Windows or Mac world).

Nevertheless, user interface and artwork have a crucial impact on perception and acceptance of the final product by the user community and interested parties. It is too important to leave it solely to a bunch of self proclaimed artists. And from the submissions that I have seen [mind you, I am perfectly entitled to express my personal point of view even -without- being an art contributor myself] I am rather sceptical wether the "Fedora" developer community itself can provide the expertise which is necessary to design an ergonomic and visually appealing user interface. I suppose many users care much less about exactly which kernel version they are running than if the user interface is nice and functional.
"Fedora" is in the favourable situation of being backed by "Red Hat" which allows to help finalize the artwork by a graphics professional. And this is certainly not the least aspect which has made "Fedora" the success it actually is.

Actually, the question is if the final look should be decided by artists, that is probably better left to usability and marketing people. To get the most out of the artists it is important that there is an ongoing discussion among
all parties involved from day one.
I think John is upset because he was left to work and work on his own design and nobody told him this is useless, even if people had known for weeks how things are going.

Btw, we should he be upset when it was not even warranted that his submission would be retained at all? The number of postings to this list can hardly be considered a valid criterion which proposal to pick!

If more professional artists and usability people had contributed to this list, I'm sure there would have been more posts.

Uno Engborg

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