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Re: Inconsistency in using + (plus) or * (star) emblems in echo icons?

Martin Sourada wrote:
I think there is some inconsistency in using pluses and stars in echo icons, or at least I don't understand the philosophy behind. Here are listed currently problematic icons:

with plus:

with blue star:

with yellow star:

I would suggest to change the emblem in document-new and window-new to plus and leave star only for mail-mark-unread and appointment-soon. And a yellow star is IMHO better than a blue one so I would change its color in mail-mark-unread to yellow (as in appointment-soon). It would make the icon more distinguishable from mail-message-new which is the same only with plus instead of star. Maybe some rule about using pluses and stars in icons should be made? Like that plus is used for action icons symbolising creating somethink new by user (you create it by clicking on a button with such icon; usually ends with "-new") and star in cases like marking unread message - something that already is new or nearly has its time like in appointment-soon, more generaly it symbolizes state of being (even if after action) rather than the action of making it so.

Martin Sourada

A little bit of history...I had originally started out with the stars in keeping with Tango's scheme but then found the pluses to be more informative in representing the creation of new items or actions. The different colored stars were just more exploration. However, the icon set is at a point to make such distinction and decisions, and what you've (Martin) listed makes sense.

Let's proceed as you have suggested.

Actions required from this decision include...
1. modify existing icons to fit this rule
2. update the echo guidelines wiki (Martin's proposed rules and explanations are good, perhaps also include an icon example or two as illustration).

Diana Fong
Red Hat
Visual Designer | Desktop Group

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