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Re: Inconsistency in using + (plus) or * (star) emblems in echo icons?

Martin Sourada wrote:
Thanks for clarification. But then I think mail-mark-unread does not fall to any of the groups. Also I tend to think that the difference between creating new document and creating new mail message is very subtle, but I am quite sattisfied with this division. I think it would be good to mention this divison in Echo Icon Guidelines, since some icons which could use it, like panel-new (though not listed in Echo development wiki), still awaits creating and we could thus prevent future confusion.

Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
Plus means add something.
  Blue star means create a new item/object.
  Yellow star means planning a future plan.

Ah, I had sent the previous email just prior to receiving these in my inbox.

I really like the simplicity and clarity of having just two types of emblems (+ and *) as described by Martin. His re-categorization of the icons also work well within the rules stated. I'd like for us to adopt this and post it as part of the guidelines.

Luya just signed on to #fedora-art and is also in support of this, with the additional vote of "a yellow star instead of blue is better usability side."

Martin et al, are you ok with this? Do you have access to updating the guidelines wiki?

Diana Fong
Red Hat
Visual Designer | Desktop Group

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