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Re: Artwork conversations

Nicu Buculei wrote:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:

The conversation we had went on for over an hour about Fedora Artwork project in general and specifically about getting a larger number of contributors involved from the community, the process and the quality that we need to maintain. Diana Fong was worried about the quality of the artwork being produced but didnt work to throw off people from doing

The "quality" criteria is so subjective that is just too easy to use is as a strawman.

Might be. See the community feedback from John Bear's and Diana Fong's work to understand how that works.

If she was genuinely worried about the quality of the produced work, she could have participated (as she was invited to). We never saw even only word of feedback from her either here on the list or in the comments to the proposals on the wiki.

That goes back to how we provide feedback to artists vs developers.
The thing is, we proved we can be effective with FC6, why a step back is necessary?

I dont consider it a step back. In both cases the concepts was drawn and worked up a team and Diana Fong did the final work. The difference here might that Mola talked over IRC while John Baer didnt. That's just different working styles and prefered modes of interaction.

We do not work here for money, if all we get is ingratitude, then we stop working and start endless complaints.

Echo theme has many contributors. I dont think anyone who contributed towards fixing gaps in it was put off from doing it.

Exactly this is the complaint: instead of criticism the proposals received only disregard.

And at the end, here is what I see as a proof of lack of goodwill: have a look at http://www.isity.net/blog/?p=60 Scroll down to the "credit" section. Do you notice there a familiar name? Maybe John Baer who came up with the idea? Me neither...

Credit has been attributed many times on the blog posts including the latest one. I wouldnt read too much into one particular post.


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