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Re: Artwork conversations

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Nicu Buculei wrote:

The "quality" criteria is so subjective that is just too easy to use is as a strawman.

Might be. See the community feedback from John Bear's and Diana Fong's work to understand how that works.

Yes, I can see the community feedback for John's work for example by looking at the mails I sent to this list or the files I uploaded to the wiki.

I dont consider it a step back. In both cases the concepts was drawn and worked up a team and Diana Fong did the final work. The difference here might that Mola talked over IRC while John Baer didnt. That's just different working styles and prefered modes of interaction.

OK, so using unarchived and closed channels is preferred.

We do not work here for money, if all we get is ingratitude, then we stop working and start endless complaints.

Echo theme has many contributors. I dont think anyone who contributed towards fixing gaps in it was put off from doing it.

I hate to give me as an example again...

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