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Re: Artwork conversations

> The "quality" criteria is so subjective that is just too easy to use is 
> as a strawman.

Ah, and what the hell then entitles you to claim that "FC6" has had the "best" artwork of all "Fedora" releases? In my opinion, "FC6" artwork already showed first signs of sloppyness. Only think of the installer "blender" image which used the glass ball when the installed distribution used a reflective one.

I have the impression that the 3-4 persons contributing the majority of postings to this list think of themselves as being representative of the user community which is obviously wrong. There has been no representative vote on the final theme. A first tentative one showed "Borealis" and "Flying high" on par. Then there was a second one whose only subject was the "Flying high" theme, leaving no other choice to the voters, although there have been some clear caveats on this list regarding "Flying High".

Under these circumstances, I do prefer a single qualified individual [DF] who steers the whole process in a proven manner than a small group hijacking artwork development.

Everybody is welcome to submit suggestions, and John has come up with some nice ideas. However, the number of postings or submissions of the interested persons can by no means establish any kind of prerogative with respect to the final result.
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