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Re: go-home echo icon concept

Martin Sourada wrote:
Certainly, I can provide both png and svg. But, should I provide both with and without a folder? And, about the shadows - I saw, that svgs are usualy without shadows - is that only because inkscape didn't have the needed feature? If that is so, should I add the shadow only to the png, or to svg as well?

The SVGs have no shadows because of two reasons:
- Inkscape had no blur filter in a release until recently;
- Diana made the first icons in Illustrator, which I don't know how create shadows (with SVG filters or embedded bitmaps, at one point it used bitmaps for blur).

As Inkscape was updated to 0.45 is in Fedora 5 and 6 I believe you can safely use the blur filter in SVG.

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