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Early impressions of Default artwork

Hello Diana,

Welcome to the Fedora art team. I followed this link from your blog to
your submission.


As always your work is very nice.

I have a couple of requests.

1. Would you move your work to a wiki page using a format similar to
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fc7ThemeProposalFlyingHighRc1 ? This page
needs to be a public facing and describes your concept and lays out mock
ups or screen shots of your submission. I see this page being reviewed
by forum members and linked to the "release notes" wiki page referenced
by distrowatch.

2. Would you create a second wiki page similar to
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fc7ThemeProposalFlyingHigh which is
intended to be inward facing? This page would hold down-load-able
artwork that can be tested by members. If you have install scripts that
would be nice.

My first question is one of theme design. In my mind I view a theme as a
story board. The images are linked, but they are different. Your
approach seems to be one of image re-use. I noticed the wallpaper image
is the same as the gdm login background. The balloon behind the clouds
image is used in many of the screens. In FC6 I saw the same scenario and
I assumed it was because of the time constraint.

I noticed the RHGB image does not confirm to the design guide. I like
the image but I assume the RHGB maintainer is in agreement to the

Until I can test the GRUB images I always worry about quality. IMO the
FC6 grub image does not display well (very grainy) and my submission was
an attempt to minimize this. There is also the issue of black screen,
blue screen, black screen, blue screen. IMO the current boot process
looks choppy as a result.

The first boot screen looks very similar to the FC6 screen. I was hoping
for something different as I believe this screen dates back a few
versions. In addition, how do you feel about adding "echo" icons to your

I noted there is no optional artwork. I assume the decision has been
made to exclude the splash screen of gimp, open office, gdm, kde, and
the screen save unlock.



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