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Shadow guidelines in echo icon set (color, amount of blur, transparency)

Nicu Buculei wrote:
Of course not *solid* black. I think the intention is to use black with a degree of transparency, which look gray, at least this is what the other icon sets (for example Tango) do.

Well, I think the guidlines aren't as precise as one would like - there isn't stated whether *solid* or *semitransparent* black should not be used... I would maybe use some dark gray with transparency - not black...

Definitely the shadow must have transparency, be it transparent black or transparent dark gray as the icon can be shown against a colored or textured background and it will look smooth only with transparency.
It will look smooth even without the kind of transparency I am talking about. It is blured - and the blur efect adds transparency, so the transitions between the shadow and background are smooth, the question is, if the base color of the shadow shoud be transparent. I think most users won't see any difference (especially with smaller icons), but certainly if the base color of the shadow is already semitransparent it is more realistic. So I think, that maybe it should be semitransparent, but not black.

The eternal question (see the "Artwork conversation" thread): who has the power to define those values? We have to wait for Diana?
We are talking about echo, and it that case, at least to me, it seems that Diana communicantes quite well. I read the "Artwork conversation" thread and I don't see it as bad as you do, but I feel too new here to have any word in that case... So in echo, I think, guidlines should be talked with Diana, Mola and/or Luya. I start this reply as new thread because it is about more than one icon now... IMO it would work - like in the case of plus and star emblems.

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