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Re: Fedora-art-list Digest, Vol 11, Issue 28

On 2/16/07, fedora-art-list-request redhat com <fedora-art-list-request redhat com > wrote:
Nicu wrote:

Open the PNG with GIMP, save as xpm.gz, test it and tell us if is too
grainy or not :p

Thanks, I can do that ... :)

Personally I would like the GRUB image to have the same blue as the rest
of the graphics (the blue background of RHGB) . I understand it can't be
identical due to technical constraints (14 colors), but it may be as
close as possible.

Some distro's hide the initial kernel load dialog. If that is possible here the screens would flow from grub to RHGB. On the downside that approach presents the grub image for  an extended period which may be problematic on some systems. Otherwise I'm good with a dark blue (RHGB) background. :)

> The first boot screen looks very similar to the FC6 screen. I was hoping
> for something different as I believe this screen dates back a few
> versions. In addition, how do you feel about adding "echo" icons to your
> submission?

Indeed, this is a must *if* Echo will be the default icon set, but this
was decided or is still up to discuss?

The "echo" decision is still pending but my suggestion is go ahead and add them to anaconda no matter the outcome. I assume the current icons are blue curve but I am not sure. 

> I noted there is no optional artwork. I assume the decision has been
> made to exclude the splash screen of gimp, open office, gdm, kde, and
> the screen save unlock.

IIRC, the overall opinion was to leave those unmodified.

Ok :(

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