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Re: go-home echo icon concept

Teoretically, from the position of the imaginary light source we might guess, that it is time around noon. So the shadows - epsecially their opacity should reflect this. Thus they should not be very dark. Next, I would pick the one of the more"massive" icons (because it would cast more shadow than a smaller one) and choose the base values for it. The darkest would be nearest the place where the icon touches the imaginary ground. For that purpose, I think, could serve e.g. 'video-display'. But how to chose the best value for that particular icon? I think we could try different values of opacity and brightness (for start grey scale would serve well) against different backrounds and pick up that which works nicest with most of them - this should be the one that resembles most the behaviour of real shadow IMO. Than we should decide how much of the shape of the icon we want to save in its shadow. Looking at the icons I would suppose that only simplified outline. Finally I would choose how blurry we wont it to be - that has a lot to do with the shape preservation I think. In other cases the shadow should be more transparent and more blurry, but not much; the amount I would leave on artists. The colouring I would leave as it is suggested on wiki.

I think, if we start with dark-grey or black(ish) colour values (aka $666666 and $333333) for the brightness and pick the desired opacity for them it might be the best, since these are on Echo Icon Pallette. Also the decision would thus simplify to choosing just one out of two colours and opacity for darkest shadow.

Diana Fong napsal(a):
Looking at various icons created in the past, it seems...*squints*...that the darkest color is semitransparent. This is not really that noticeable and some might not be semitransparent (but that could be fixed to fit the rule we come up with for consistency). So let's conclude that it is semitransparent. What then, are the cases and values? Also, what should be the opacity value of the darkest area? Care to take a first crack at breaking these down?

Diana Fong
Red Hat
Visual Designer | Desktop Group

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