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Proposal: Use Moodin for the KDE splash

i`ve been looking here a few times every week and i`ve been watching the art updates and i saw that all the kde splashes made so far are in most cases ugly compared to the same splash that will be used for gnome now i was wondering.. why not use Moodin: http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=25705 with that you can atleast use the same image as with the gnome splash..
o well.. just let me know your thoughts about it.. and if you want to see a example where moodin is used.. download kubuntu it`s using moodin or a patched version of it. for the lazy men: http://shots.linuxquestions.org/?linux_distribution_sm=Kubuntu%207.04%20Alpha%204
please consider it.. that is less fedora modding for me when iinstall it ;)

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