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Re: go-home echo icon concept

Diana Fong wrote:

I also include an additional shadow to overlapping objects, such as 'drive-optical.' This is to create a bit of depth, while also help to visually separate/identify the overlapping objects. The color for this also varies depending on how dark or light the back object is. However, a starting point could also be #333333 or more accurately #2D2D2D at 50%-75% blur size of 2-3px.

As I usually insert the shadows after creating the vector icon shapes and so I do not have the blur info.

Just as an example, for 48x48 px GNOME icons is suggested a shadow added with GIMP with 4 pixel distance, 4 pixel blur, 40% opacity - http://developer.gnome.org/projects/gup/hig/2.0/icons-design.html

That is a shadow I personally feel a little too light.

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