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Re: alternate logo

Nicu Buculei skrev:
Paul W. Frields wrote:

frustration that some of the community members have expressed is
understandable, and we've tried to carry your concerns to all the
parties involved.  But unfortunately, we haven't been completely
successful, and to make a long story short, we've had to concede the
default release theme work to the Desktop group inside Red Hat.

The main leverage used by the RH Desktop Team to kick us out was the fear that the community will incorrectly use the trademarks and the logo [1] so I call the people unhappy with this policy at a brainstorm to create an *alternate* logo and use it in our *alternative* works and produce better desktop theming which I hope will please the users and shame RHDT.

[1] - http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Board/Meetings/2007-01-16?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=fedora-board-20070116.txt

I would say, leave out the logo alltogether. The less branding, the more room for artistic freedom. Putting shame where shame belongs in public will not help. Revenge is always counter productive.

Uno Engborg

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