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Re: Comments

On Thu, 2007-02-22 at 08:46 +0200, Nicu Buculei wrote:
> The entire process of "rounds" is not needed anymore as "we've had to 
> concede the default release theme work to the Desktop group inside Red Hat".

Well, the thing is that someone made promises ("default theme") to the
participants on this list and these promises weren't kept for reasons
well explained elsewhere. 

Personally I think the idea of focusing on the default theme and voting
for it was wrong from day one. If you recall I made a lot of noise to
that effect in December. As Matthias so eloquently put it, the focus
should perhaps rather be in creating artwork, get it packaged up and
stop worrying about competition induced by what is going to be default.
If your art is _that_ good then get it in the distro and let it speak
for itself. Mentioned elsewhere we can improve parts of the OS so it's
easier to create theme packages. 

FWIW, I've also observed bad vibes, zealotism in fact (if such a word
exists), in seeing how people have been trying to force others to adapt
their workflow and choice of tools and accusations of people being "not
open source" if someone didn't caved in and did what the most verbal
people on this people felt was right. And it's rude to push your way
upon others, at least where I come from. You may want to look at the
whole BitKeeper story in the Linux kernel for comparison. The morale is
that people have different ways of working and that people are different
and have different values. As a community we should respect that people
are different.

> In fact, and this is a major source of frustration, the process was 
> silently dropped a long time ago and we were let to know only now.

I agree the whole way this was communicated too late. That's bad.

In closing, an old commercial for chocolate comes to mind. There's these
three guys standing at a table making filled chocolate. Two of the guys
keep complaining about everything from how management is treating them
and how everything sucks. The third one gets so annoyed that he yells
out "Can't we just focus on making chocolate!". I'd like to do the same
here - so here's to hoping that all of us can leave this thing behind
and start focusing on the artwork. Because that's what it's all about.
And I, for one, is dying to see pretty work that I can easily install
via yum.  Thanks.

(Perhaps this comes across as a flame to some people. It's not meant to
be. It's just observations from my end. Hope it's somewhat useful


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