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Re: Figuring out the mission (Paul W. Frields)

On 2/22/07, David wrote:
Maybe this write-up by Jef is useful for you to read


since I think you're confused about what open source means (you seem to
equate it with democracy). Anyway, I'm going to step out of this thread
for a bit...

David, thank you for the above link. A great read ... and Paul thank you for your comments.

In my mind I am trying to sort out moving forward in a way that adds value.

Here are my questions.

1. Referencing David's link above, who is our benevolent dictator (my preference of title would be "Red Hat liaison")? If this is the way we must travel let's put our cards on the table.

2. Should artwork be centralized or decentralized? By that I mean should the documentation team come to the art team for art work or just do it? If the decision is decentralized then the question becomes is there a need for a art team?

3. If the decision stands that Red Hat will take control of the Fedora desktop I would argue this should also include icons. IMO icons are too closely tied to artwork to be be separated and if they are this will be source of future issues like the one we just experienced.

With these questions answered I can assemble some ideas in a wiki page for the team to consider. If these questions can not be answered I am at a lost of what to do next.

More as a BTW, I loaded the latest Ubuntu herd CD to see what's going on there and I was amused to see some of the artwork considered unworthy for "dapper" is in the package for "feisty". I can only assume Mark S. realized his decision to pull artwork from the community was a mistake. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned . :)



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