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Re: The New and Improved Art Team

On Sat, 2007-02-24 at 13:33 -0500, John Baer wrote:
> Goal 1
> The art team will enable the users of Fedora to enhance its visual
> appearance to meet their need or desire.
> Objective 1.1
> The art team will craft wiki pages describing how to customized the
> appearance of Fedora.
> Objective 1.2
> The art team will evaluate and recommend suitable upstream artwork
> packages to be included in the release.

Rather than such a passive role, why not also "participate with upstream
communities on artwork solutions for inclusion in Fedora"?  i.e. Tango,

> Objective 1.3
> The art team will facilitate the exchange of computer art to promote
> Fedora to a wider audience.
> Objective 1.4
> The art team will investigate creating and maintaining a Fedora
> sub-forum targeted to the needs of artist. Sticky posts could point back
> to the wiki pages created by “objective 1.1”.
> Goal 2
> Encourage the use of open source products in the creation of art.
> Objective 2.1
> The art team will investigate the re-design of the Fedora forum gallery
> to include a method of image branding such as “made with inkscape”,
> “crafted with gimp”. The effort could also consider targeted subsections
> for alternative artwork for icons, RHGB, GDM, KDE, and splash screens.

What about also:

Goal 3: Increase the visual appeal of other Fedora subprojects in a
unified and community-building way.

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