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Re: The New and Improved Art Team

On 24/02/07, Máirín Duffy <duffy redhat com> wrote:

If you folks are willing to give it another shot with a clean slate,
clear charter, and well-defined goals as are being discussed right now,
I would be willing to come back at this point and take a team lead
position if you'd still have me. (However, it's up to you as it's your
community; I have *plenty* of other things on my plate so I certainly
won't be offended if not. :) )

+1, you did a great job when you were here.

Do you really think having a centralized community is the best way to

I do, a project needs a central point to act as a base for new members
to start from and for currently active to keep track of. It would
certainly make me feel more welcome and more organised if I were new
to fedorArt.

2) loosely coupled - different team members work in the different areas
Paul suggested, and communicate/keep updated with each other on this
list or by some other means. E.g., there may be some art team folks
whose specialty is making banners/posters/etc for events so they work
closely with marketing and ambassadors, while there may be some art team
folks who are more interested in the website so they work closely with
the infrastructure team members.

As this Artwork has to cover a bit of ground and some of the members
(such as myself) have only a little bit of time in their week to work
on it, this would mean a couple of people as contacts for a particular
division and would be able to concentrate on each other's work.

= Making it Easier to Understand What's Going On and How to Contribute
to the Art Team =

== Short-Order Request Queue ==

I really like Paul's idea of having a
short-order queue/list wiki page of requests that other groups within
the Fedora Project have made of the art team. It would be a great place
for newbies to see a list of short-term, quick projects so they can
quickly get their feet wet and get involved.

Totally, a frequently-edited wiki page such as
could work well if it is split up. If feedback is needed, a thread
would be started; I like the icons John uses in his theme page to
suggest there is a thread about it.

These requests could be
broken down into some of the basic categories Paul suggested [3]:

(Can anyone think of any other areas within Fedora
they know of or may be involved in that may want to make short-term
requests of an art team?)

Speak of the devil.

There has been an occaision [1] where outside requests have come in
ofr artists to contribute for an unrelated project:

* Outside Project Requests (kinda speaks for itself, if anyone feels
like a change, why not help these people in need?)

== Long-Term Project List ==

These projects would all be treated more as subteams rather than
short-order queues, where folks working on whichever long-term project
would list their names so folks wanting to get involved would know who
to contact. They should also link to the wiki pages where their
development/process is taking place.

For longer-term project, wouldn't a wiki page of it's own as we
currently have with Echo (and we know that a truly long-term) be

If we link the Contributors page with each project, the pages could
have a unified section at the bottom describing it's people.


[1] http://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-art-list/2006-April/msg00068.html

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