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Re: The New and Improved Art Team

On 26/02/07, Nicu Buculei <nicu_fedora nicubunu ro> wrote:
> As this Artwork has to cover a bit of ground and some of the members
> (such as myself) have only a little bit of time in their week to work
> on it, this would mean a couple of people as contacts for a particular
> division and would be able to concentrate on each other's work.

You know, for the time being we are not that many people. Yes, is
rewarding (at the surface) to assign titles to our names, but as how we
are now do you see a sub-team with more than 2-3 people in it?

TBH, yes. This would tell who is working on what and, possibly, the
level of experience they may hold regarding wider matters. I would
think for new people coming in, it would be helpful to have a list of
relevant contributors who are working on the one thing they are
interested in joining.

> * Outside Project Requests (kinda speaks for itself, if anyone feels
> like a change, why not help these people in need?)

Because I think we should stay focused.

We are in the same situation here, the example you gave happened to
me: I responded to the Music Applet request in private e-mail but as
that has been the only one in as long as I've been here (IIRC) then
it's not going to get much attention anyways.

I just thought to put it on the list as it has happened.

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