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Re: Rather Annoying Wiki Problem

On 27/02/07, Diana Fong <dfong redhat com> wrote:
There's currently been some reworking of the Fedoraproject.org site
resulting in various problems, conversation of it's progress can be
found on fedora-website-list [1].  However, for now, I've found that if
you go to Preferences and set your Preferred Theme to Classic or Modern,
the Attachment feature will return.

What seems like Developer's mode. Thanks

On 27/02/07, Nicu Buculei <nicu_fedora nicubunu ro> wrote:
That wiki page really look different compared with what I see: another
hearer, another sidebar.
Are sure you are not loading an old version from some cache? A proxy
somewhere in the middle?

Sure, the cache is emptied every time I logon and I refreshed the
page. I'm using the kindofblue theme but I'd be interested of a
screenshot of what you see if you are using the same one.

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