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Red Hat Magazine: The Open Palette

Hi folks,

Check out Nicu's (with some help from me :) ) Inkscape article that just got published to Red Hat Magazine today:


We're starting a series of articles called "The Open Palette" to give tutorials, reviews, and introductions of anything FOSS and creative - graphics software, sound and video editing software, even how-tos on getting scanners and tablets to work in Linux and creative open licenses and communities. Pretty much *anything* relating to creative work as long as it's free and open source.

This syncs up with one of the long term team projects we've been discussing recently - "FOSS Tools promotion and marketing" to show what you can do with the tools available in Fedora. So, if any of you have requests for more articles (maybe there's a particular type of tutorial you'd like to see?) or if you've got a great idea for an article you'd like to write (or help write), let's discuss it! :)


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