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Re: Getting a better sense of community - gallery based groups

Máirín Duffy wrote:

So one of the things we've discussed every now and then is having some kind of gallery system set up (beyond the wiki which isn't quite equipped for this) where we can share our work and comment on it, where the community can easily browse and comment on it, and (nice bonus) even have an RSS feed of artwork the general community can benefit from.


Tonight I started investigating some options we have towards this. A great solution would be to have an install of the art.gnome.org software or have something custom-built for us, but I don't think we have the resources for something like that right now. So I've looked around at some other options:

1) Have an art-specific Fedora planet feed -

It would be something like http://art.planet.fedoraproject.org and it would be a feed for artwork, not general blog posts. (E.g. you could syndicate your deviant art portfolio feed or a flickr fedora art album feed to this.)

I was to lazy to act, but one of my old ideas was to run such an aggregator even on my own server.

Whichever other option we go with, it should produce suitable RSS feeds so we should probably do this anyway. Send me your feeds (art, not blog) and I'll make the request to set it up.

2) Set up a Deviant art community -

So I set one up and played around with it, take a look:


- the RSS feeds don't actually embed the image, they only provide a link. (does anyone know if it embeds the image for paid subscription accounts? I'd be willing to donate the $$ if so.)

This is a real problem. Yes, one can pay for one subscription for the group but I guess the other members will like to have their own usable feeds.

3) Flickr community

I gave this a try too, take a look:


Definitely: I hate you!
Today I had to promote the RHM article at the first hour but can't do that because you give me a lot of work wih investigating those groups and communities you created :p

- theres a limit per month on how much you can upload per user account (I think it's 50mb/month.)

I think we can deal with 50MB

- flickr is focused entirely towards photos. while i read their terms of service and made sure that it was okay for us to use for our purposes - people won't be able to search for our artwork using the UI because it seems they block non-photos from that according to their policy.

I remember reading some time ago about flickr disabling accounts where the majority of the content is not photos. It may be true or not, but I think we do not want to use flickr against the will of the owners.

4) Set up a version control repository -

- high technical barrier to entry

indeed, no version control

5) Something else?

I have a few more ideas:

6) picassaweb.google.com - it can be used by artists, give RSS feeds with thumbnails but does not have groups. It can be used if we go with only a planet aggregation.
Major disadvantage: it support only jpg, not even png

7) the Infrastructure project plan to offer hosting space, developers.fedoraproject.org and people.fedoraproject.org: use this space and host our own solution

ccHost is what we are using at http://openclipart.org - the software have a lot of features: users, feeds for everything, comments, ratings. Is not very mature in my experience but is sponsored by Creative Commons. Can be configured to use a lot of file types, including SVG.

8) again, in our own hosting space run an instance of Gallery (http://gallery.menalto.com/) - I don't have any experience with installation or administration, but from the website it seems it recently it gained support for RSS feeds

Cool Fedora wallpapers: http://fedora.nicubunu.ro/wallpapers/
Open Clip Art Library: http://www.openclipart.org
my Fedora stuff: http://fedora.nicubunu.ro

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