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Re: artTeam Home Page Mockup

Le Mer 28 février 2007 16:14, Nicu Buculei a écrit :

> What other way to you see to provide alternate graphics for GRUB and RHGB?
> Those can be changed only by overwriting the default and making GDM and
> wallpaper fit may be seen as a move for consistency.
> Remember, this is about a package the user consciously select and install.

A package can install alternative ressources, provide documentation or a
script to switch to those resources (and back), but you don't ever do the
switch by default. The user/admin is in charge, not the package,
separation of installation and configuration is a basic Fedora rule.
Installing KDE does not kill GNOME, installing a new GNOME theme package
does not kill other GNOME themes, apps do not fill the desktop with icons
because they're so important they deserve a place there, we can have
several OS localizations on the same system, etc

The user installed my package therefore I own the system is plain rude. If
RHBG and GRUB have no theming provision that's too bad, you'll have to
fill RFEs and wait, it's still better than alienating users with
high-handed takeovers.

Nicolas Mailhot

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