Usability aspects on desktop themse.

John Baer baerjj at
Wed Jan 3 03:18:13 UTC 2007


Thank you for your comments. I have been performing some usability tests
with the Flying High Theme and the results are posted on the preview

Although 3D art can be very stunning, I wanted to present Fedora in a
manner which works well at home and/or the office. I use Fedora in both

Focusing on the issues stated I believe the wallpaper presented in the
preview meets your goals and is key (ie. gets the most viewing).

I also attempted to work around any limitations. For example, the GRUB
screen can be very challenging as the core image is limited to 640x480
pixels at 16 colors.

The RHGB program base image is only 320x396 pixels.

As stated, color is important and theme colors were chosen carefully to
present well and be harmonious with fedora (mostly blue).

In addition, you could say this theme has a sub-theme of installation.
With that in mind I retained the core elements but presented them in a
different manner. I call it design mode.

Last, I wanted the images to have "market value" for the Fedora product.
That is to say the word "fedora" and the logo are tightly integrated
into the concept.

Best regards,


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