Sound effects issues

David Zeuthen david at
Sat Jan 6 00:25:44 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-01-05 at 23:45 +0100, Thomas Canniot wrote:
> I read on somewhere mailing list about FC6 that it was something people
> do not want, as it can't please everybody.
> I find this argument rather strange as even a wallpaper can't make every
> people happy and we are shipping a distro with a customed wallpaper as
> well.

My take on this (as member of the RH desktop team)

 - the sounds we currently have in GNOME are not good; it's too much
   all over the place and they get in my way

 - sounds effects can work well; I find it just right in Mac OS X
   and Windows XP (though I rarely use Windows XP)

 - I really wish things like n-c-b would make a huge DING when it
   has finished burning (am burning lots of CD's at this point as
   I'm working on live CD stuff). So perhaps filing bugs against
   things like n-c-b and other apps is part of this effort.

> I think however that it is a good idea to improve fedora's own
> personality. 

Perhaps it don't even need to be Fedora specific. IIRC, but can't find
the link now, there was some talk 6-12 months ago on desktop-devel-list
at about an effort to rework the current sound effect theme.
The name was something that corresponded to Tango, e.g. Alpha, Bravo or
something. Can anyone find the link?

Either way, I think it could be interesting for someone to explore this;
perhaps write a small brief analysis of where you think it needs
improvement; perhaps fedora-art-list isn't the best place (Fedora wise),
perhaps fedora-desktop-list (or even fedora-devel-list though the S/N
ratio there is awful and you are guaranteed to be flamed) is better as
more software developers are on that list.


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