Fedora-art-list Digest, Vol 10, Issue 5

John Baer baerjj at gmail.com
Sat Jan 6 23:33:02 UTC 2007

On Sat, 2007-01-06 at 12:00 -0500, David Zeuthen wrote:
> Either way, I think it could be interesting for someone to explore
> this;
> perhaps write a small brief analysis of where you think it needs
> improvement; perhaps fedora-art-list isn't the best place (Fedora
> wise),
> perhaps fedora-desktop-list (or even fedora-devel-list though the S/N
> ratio there is awful and you are guaranteed to be flamed) is better as
> more software developers are on that list.
>     David 


I am in full agreement. How much time do we have to meet the FC7


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