Flying High with Fedora 7 Preview

John Baer baerjj at
Tue Jan 9 22:44:24 UTC 2007


Thank you for your comments.

Mo, as suggested I will bundle the svgs ...

I am in agreement the 3D approach is what forum folks generally like and
I would guess a "blender" theme would be very well received.

Unfortunately, I do not know Blender :(.

>From my efforts I was looking for a theme which works at home and the
office. IMO the office part of the equation tends to be more
conservative. You probably won't see a graphic of a woman dressed in a
bikini with a fedora logo at work. Although I believe I saw several on
the wallpaper section of the forum :).

When I looked to other successful products and I didn't see any with
strong 3D based themes. I consulted with my colleagues and they advised
the background screen needs to be more than flashy, it needs to be
something a person can look at all day, every day. Busy complex images
are hard to view for long periods of time.

In addition, I understand the point relative to the logo but if this
theme is to go forward, IMO Red Hat/Fedora will need to agree to some
latitude. If the decision is strict adherence to the logo guide lines
all of the submissions are in trouble.

I set the poll up for two weeks and at this point I want to step back
and take a break. Just for fun I would like to code the GDM login page
as I have most everything else installed on my computer.

Creating a 3D fork isn't a bad idea. Mola, maybe you can work your magic
with Blender.

Again, thank you.



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