Fedora 8 theme requests

Martin Sourada martin.sourada at seznam.cz
Wed Jul 4 19:53:25 UTC 2007

> i'm willing 
> sadly not capable. unless you/anyone else knows of a application here
> you can MAKE your own sounds. not just a piano but with all kind of
> effects and instruments. i don't know what program can do that for
> windows or linux (they exist.. i just don't know them). 

IMHO, it's not necessary to make effects. Music was meant from its
beginning to symbolise actions/states/feelings - instrumental music. Its
late fashion that it does it through effects/words. We could distinguish
Fedora from other distros by making a sound theme that would be
completely instrumental - no effects. That is possible yet hard - needs
a lot of talent and a lot of invention. And for instrumental music linux
have all we need.


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