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Re: Here are some of my ideas for Fedora 8 and Fedora 9


The burden of making beagle work is on the people who want to have
beagle in by default like you, everyone else is entitled to decide the
hassle of debugging or helping to debug beagle outweights the

beagle is one of the few applications I know people manually remove
from their systems when it's installed. Till it reaches the point
people who don't use it don't notice it's installed there's no use
asking for it to be in the default install.

There's being useful
There's being not so useful but not intrusive
And there's being not so useful and very intrusive.

Beagle is at state 3 today. That's not a good state. But it won't
change by pestering people who didn't ask for beagle in the first
place and had to make the effort to remove it because it was degrading
their systems.

Nicolas Mailhot

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