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Re: Here are some of my ideas for Fedora 8 and Fedora 9

On Wed, 2007-07-04 at 13:34 +0200, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> Valent,
> The burden of making beagle work is on the people who want to have
> beagle in by default like you, everyone else is entitled to decide the
> hassle of debugging or helping to debug beagle outweights the
> benefits.
> beagle is one of the few applications I know people manually remove
> from their systems when it's installed. Till it reaches the point
> people who don't use it don't notice it's installed there's no use
> asking for it to be in the default install.

Well I would argue that the people who remove it are a minority, not the
other way around. I have seen beagle installed on multiple systems and
it is as unobtrusive as an app can be. I have tested it on Fedora Core6,
multiple Fedora 7 installations and now I'm testing it on Rawhide. So I
have extensive experience with beagle.

> There's being useful
> There's being not so useful but not intrusive
> And there's being not so useful and very intrusive.
> Beagle is at state 3 today. That's not a good state. 

For me it is at state 1. And by "me" I don't mean only one lone desktop.
As I have told you I run multiple copies on multiple hardware sutups -
and on all of them beagle is at state 1. I would be writing this year
ago when I was running Fedora 5 ane beagle was a nightmare, but it has
gone a long way since then.

> But it won't
> change by pestering people who didn't ask for beagle in the first
> place and had to make the effort to remove it because it was degrading
> their systems. 

Sorry if my approach seams a bit rough, but I find english hard to
translate finer points, but as you can guess it is not my mother tongue.

But now do the same people than have a vote what does in the default
install and what does not if they don't give an effort to troubleshoot
it a little. Only saying "me too" to a bugzilla entry or on a mailing
list makes beagle look bad but only because the majority of people who
don't have issues with beagle don't even go to these mailing lists or to
bugzilla. If you have tested beagle on multiple systems and find it
causing problems then please excuse me - show us your test results and
that is ok.

I have seen much bigger issues with some apps in Fedora and they aren't
removed from default install. Like a big, really huge bug with new
user-switcher applet (look for my bugzilla entry) in Fedora 7. What is a
great feature but it caused data and time loss for me!
I have multiple resource meters running, and I see when my system acts
strange and inspect it. Usually it is Firefox who causes my CPU to go to
100%. Should Firefox be removed because of this from default fedora

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