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Re: Here are some of my ideas for Fedora 8 and Fedora 9

Le Mer 4 juillet 2007 14:52, Valent Turkovic a écrit :

> Well I would argue that the people who remove it are a minority, not
> the other way around.

That's not an argument when talking about breakage. Most problems only
affect a minority and we don't ignore them.

> I have seen much bigger issues with some apps in Fedora and they
> aren't
> removed from default install. Like a big, really huge bug with new
> user-switcher applet (look for my bugzilla entry) in Fedora 7. What is
> a
> great feature but it caused data and time loss for me!
> I have multiple resource meters running, and I see when my system acts
> strange and inspect it. Usually it is Firefox who causes my CPU to go
> to
> 100%. Should Firefox be removed because of this from default fedora
> install?

Bad comparison.

Beagle causes problems even when users do not actively exercise it
That's why it was kicked from the default install. The minimum to get
in the default install is to have a neutral behavior when not used.

And that'll be my last post on the subject till you come with evidence
beagle is not doing this. And not only on your own systems.

Nicolas Mailhot

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