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Re: Making Fedora Default Theme (release independent stuff)

Martin Sourada wrote:

1. do we want a default Fedora artwork?

Not sure, is tempting but is would be a high maintenance burden.

I would use an upstream theme with a few customizations to add a bit of personality.

2. do we want to look KDE and GNOME artwork same/similar?

In the extremely rare occasion when I fire up an application from the *other* DE, I would prefer it to not look alien among my other applications.

But this will come with a high maintenance price and a huge flamewar ("they dumbed down my DE of choice!!!")

3. if we do want, who is to decide which one will it be?

Considering how the decision where made so far, I think the final say here will be from the Red Hat Desktop Team, they are the "official" maintainers.

4. is it good to make an n-round competition or just let something to
emerge from the wide community combined efforts?

I don't think we have enough people skilled in GTK+ themes for a competition, but I would like to be proven wrong :p

5. is the art-list the proper for this discussion or some other lists
needs to be included as well (e.g. fedora-desktop, fedora-devel)?

Not sure, at least a big part of it is better suited for fedora-desktop, but this topic is closely related to both.

6. could it be considered as a 'feature'?

As in http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/8/FeatureList ?
Only if we have realistic expectation for it to make into the release.

my 2 cents...

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