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Re: [Fedora 8 theme proposal] Fedora Nodoka Round 1

On Sat, 2007-07-07 at 16:16 +0200, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> Note that themes can use multiple engines. I wouldn't necessarily
> recommend it, but it is possible, at least for prototyping.
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Hm... I was playing with the thought of using multiple engines, but I
decided that it's not good approach. But I have an idea how could we
make the development better. Currently there is me and Daniel, we are
both doing similar things and discuss ideas, but none of us has a clear
idea how exactly the result should look, so Daniel do some coding, I
tell him what I'd like otherwise, he does some changes and so on. Today,
as I stated earlier, I adjusted the gtk theme myself... 

So the idea is: create a wiki page for tracking the Nodoka development,
but not under mine or Daniel's personal pages. The sections on the page
would be: Goals, License, Download, How it currently looks, How we would
like it to look, To Do, Comments. You can see there two sections
dedicated to look - one would be more artwork driven: how would we like
it to look. There we'd define (gradually) the overal look of the theme.
The second section would be more code driven - i.e. what have we managed
so far. We could thus more synchronise our efforts. What do you think of
it? Oh and in the look sections there would be one screenshot of Nodoka
theme in The Widget Factory and one fake screenshot (i.e. made in
inkscape) of the same window.


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