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Re: Fedora Nodoka Theme Proposal

Daniel Geiger wrote:
> As for the Nodoka gtk theme clocking much more slowly than the current
> default, I should mention that the Murrine theme engine for whatever
> reason does not operate well when there are more than, say, 2 or 3
> instances loaded into memory.  I have revised the gtkrc back down to
> only 2 instances of the engine.
> Also, I have made a Nodoka fork of the Murrine theme engine.  With the
> Nodoka theme engine, I hope to create a theme engine that has a
> distinct Nodoka look, but to have the same level of configurability of
> Murrine.
> I also think the Metacity theme needs a good deal of work yet, if the
> buttons are going to be together, and support all layouts.  I'll try
> to post the Nodoka theme engine source code, with the other Nodoka
> theme revisions I've been making.

Good. As for the metacity, I think we might go with buttons together
which are on the right side of the window, for the buttons on the left I
would use no background, only some prelight/pushed effects. The last
metacity I've done (available on the wiki [1]) is done in this way, so
multiple button layouts are supported, though it still needs some
refinement for the buttons on the left... As for the Nodoka engine, do
you think you could make it generate similar look I sketched [1]? Feel
free to upload the sources on the wiki [1] - they aren't that big and
for the start it's the best we can do, IMHO. Later we could ask for
fedora hosting for the sources...


PS: Seems that mails from you to art-list somehow get lost on their way
to me. Could you CC me please when you post something concerning Nodoka?

[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/NodokaTheme

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