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The process is confusing, the red tape frustrating.

It has been alluded to that in Diana's absence the Art Team would be
tasked with crafting the default artwork for fedora 8.

Nicu indicated in volume 15, issue 49 the fedora leadership supports


However, Mo seems to disagree with her statements in volume 15, issue

> I have been hesitant to start really driving this because I was hoping
> I could get you all a more firm answer on whether or not the artwork
> would definitely be considered as the default theme. Since I have not
> been able to do that, and we are quickly running out of time, here is
> the one thing I can promise you: I will definitely find a way to
> package and make easily installable at least some of the artwork we
> come up with if it isn't considered for the default artwork. Let's
> just focus on coming up with the best theme we can.

So which way is it? If we are not working on the default why not use
Gnome-Art, Gnome-Look, or KDE-Look for our submissions?

> John Baer wrote:
> > More curious than anything else. If we are Ok with the creative
> commons
> > license, http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/ , then
> what
> > does #7 of the CLA need in order to be satisfied?
> I'm not a lawyer, but the CLA itself seems to suggest:
> "you may submit it to the Project separately from any Contribution, 
> identifying the complete details of its source and of any license or 
> other restriction"
> which would be pretty much what I was hoping you would be willing to
> do 
> - identify the author and its license, Creative Commons or not.
> ~m

As it turns out I'm not a lawyer either and I don't understand it.

On Fri, 06 Jul 2007 Nicu Buculei wrote:

> Ugh, if those are random photos from flickr or such, remove them and
> replace with links? (I think we can't host even CC-BY-SA work in the
> wiki, thumbnails may be fair-use, but not full-size versions)

Ouch, where did this come from?

Yes, some of the source photo's came from flickr. Yes they are all
licensed under the creative commons license. Yes I would give full
credit to the author on any image moving forward. Yes, yes, yes.

Why is this vast source of artistic material considered a bad thing?

I find it frustrating working in an environment shadowed by legal fine
print and constant legal warnings (ie. By hitting Save Changes you put
your changes under the WikiLicense. If you don't want that, hit Cancel
to cancel your changes). I have not run across this disclosure on any
other wiki.

Although I believe the desire is to create an open forum which fosters
the flow creative ideas, this is not working.


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