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Re: The process is confusing, the red tape frustrating.


John Baer wrote:
Ok, fair enough ...

However, how would you or I know if the artwork is original? Is it safe to assume it is unless otherwise stated?

No, it's not; if you're going to use something that isn't explicitly licensed for your use, you have to do the legwork to make sure it's okay or avoid using it. For Mola's first submission, for example, I had a conversation with him to confirm that his work was original (it was indeed; the one thing was that he made use of a gimp brush but it was very openly licensed and used in such a way that I do not think it would affect the license of the final creation. He gave me a link to the brush (from deviantart) and the author of the brush and both were fine.)

I would never blast you the way Nicu blasted me,

? I'm not sure what you're referring to here.


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