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Re: The process is confusing, the red tape frustrating.

John Baer wrote:
On 7/9/07, Mairin Duffy wrote:

    I do not believe the practice of using other's work without citing it,
    even if it's scratch work, in a public forum is really acceptable just
    out of respect for other artists, you know? Even here when we build on
    each other's work I've noticed we've been very good about stating whose
    works we built upon. I think it's a good practice even outside of the
    fact that the CLA requires it, honestly.

However, how would you or I know if the artwork is original? Is it safe to assume it is unless otherwise stated?

Yes, lacking a statement the default assumption is that the work is original and owned by the contributor.

I would never blast you the way Nicu blasted me, but I assume the

Sorry if I was too strong and offended you.
I just know you to certain degree (as well as other contributors here and their work) and I don't know you as a photographer, so I made the assumption those photos are not yours (as opposed of what should be the default assumption in the lack of a statement)

photo's on your submission are yours as you have not made a statement of attribution.

Now is time to offend Mairin :p (my apologies in advance): on top of the fact she already stated the photos are made by her, you can see from the photos that they are not made by someone which has not the first job as a photographer and may use also some post-processing (they are not finished works, but some of them look better than the other).

Do you need to? ;)

Finally, wouldn't these rules apply to all forms of artwork?

Definitely, this should apply to all forms of intellectual creation, not only artwork, it is the same for code.

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