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Re: Nodoka theme engine

On Thu, 2007-07-12 at 05:11 +0200, Daniel Geiger wrote:
> Hi,
> I have posted the initial release of the Nodoka theme engine to the
> Nodoka wiki page, plus the gtkrc using it.  Currently the main shifts
> I have made from the Murrine theme engine are making the scrollbar
> utilize bg[PRELIGHT] in the absence of scrollbar_color property in
> engine configuration section, and changing some property defaults to
> make them more Nodoka-like (eg, menustyle = 0, by default now.)  I
> believe we can make the Nodoka theme engine render quite like the "How
> we would like it to look" image.
> I will be exceptionally busy between now and about 20 July, so I will
> not be able to work on Nodoka theme during that time.  Afterwards,
> however, I should be able to again.
> ~Daniel

thanks for your efforts. The Nodoka engine seems to work good and I see
there another step closer to the final look (though there is still a lot
of work yet). I'll probably take a look on it as well. As for the menu,
I'd like it tab-like (like showed in the wiki page) so maybe adding one
option to menustyle to combine those two available (so that the items on
menu bar would look like tabs, while the other items will look similar
to how they look now) would be good. I'll probably look into it.

I packaged the Nodoka gtk engine [1] and updated the Nodoka theme [2] to
use it (I used the gtkrc daniel posted). I also brightened a the
Metacity theme. Please note that it requires Metacity (because it
contains metacity theme), Nodoka gtk Engine (because it uses it) and
Echo Icons (because the Main theme uses them as IconTheme since they are
targeted to be default in future). If you'd like to test it in Fedora 7,
you'll need to install the Echo Icons from development repo (yum
--enablerepo=development install echo-icon-theme). It works good, I use
them since first rpms were available (it was in FC6 days).

I also updated the screenshot on the wiki[3] to the current version.

Comments, feedback, patches, etc. are more than welcome.


PS: If it would work as expected I think it could be ready for official
packaging. If you {all} are OK with this I will make an official package
request (and probably merge the theme with the engine). I'd like to have
it available (optionally) in Test1 or at the latest at Test2.

[3] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/NodokaTheme

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