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Re: Nodoka theme engine

I have used your Nodoka rpms for a day now, and have to say that the
theme looks pretty reasonable and is nice to use. Of course, there
are some smaller and bigger nits to pick, otherwise I wouldn't write
this mail...

- I strongly believe the blue prelight color for scrollbars is wrong
  and needs to go. It is just too distracting for a default theme. A
  lot of people were happy when we dropped it from Clearlooks.

- I also think that the blue background on selected radio and check
  buttons should be reconsidered, for the same reasons. Since they
  are much smaller than scrollbars and don't change their color from
  grey to blue on mouseover, the problem is less prominent here,

- Button prelighting feels a _bit_ too subtle to me, compared to
  the strong prelighting in toolbars. This can be seen clearly
  in an application like gcalctool.

- The diffent grays in the background of menus vs the rest of the
  application looks wrong.
- Even though using a dedicated theme engine may give you the
  most freedom to tweak things, but I'd consider carefully if
  you really want to maintain a forked codebase long-term, if 
  it is just for recolorable scrollbars and some changed defaults. 
  Alternatively, you could try to get whatever you feel is missing
  folded back into the murrine engine.


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