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On Fri, 2007-07-13 at 17:49 +0200, Martin Sourada wrote:
> Hm... I see the point... I wonder, if I split the metacity and metatheme
> into subpackages, can the engine package be arch specific, and
> subpackages noarch?
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Ok, I prepared new packages and put them on the wiki [1]. For submission
to the Package Review I will wait for your consideration. So, the
changes to the upstream are that I splitted the package in two: the
first contains gtk engine and theme, the second one contains metacity
theme and metatheme. So I made one archspecific rpm containing the
content of the first package and two noarch rpms containing the second
package - one for metacity and one for the metatheme. The metacity theme
package is subpackage of the metatheme package. 

I decided to rename the upstream packages to
gtk-nodoka-engine-%{version} and nodoka-theme-gnome-%{version}. For rpms
the names are same and the metacity theme package is named
nodoka-metacity-theme (same scheme as in echo-icon-theme).

I didn't bothered much this time with obsoletes/provides (and will drop
the older ones in future as well) to keep the spec files as clean as
possible. So if you want to update, I recommend to reinstall the
packages rather than update them (however if you update/install them all
at once it will work).

If you are OK with these changes I will submit the new version on the
package review and make new package review for the second one.


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