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Re: Nodoka theme engine

On Sat, 2007-07-14 at 13:09 +0200, Jonathan Roberts wrote:
> Hi,

> I've been following the list for a while now (write the FWN report for
> it) and just wanted to drop a quick message and say I think you're all
> doing great work :D
> I've also installed and been using Nodoka for a while now and really
> like it. I have one request/suggestion, though I'm not sure what
> people think of it (I have very little artistic talent :p), but I
> thought I'd let you know about it anyway...
> Any chance it could be less grey? i.e. the window backgrounds etc?
> Just personal taste, but I think it might look sharper and more
> complete.
There is always a chance ;-) I personally like grey borders for inactive
windows as grey colour seems to symbolise the state quite good, but if
there is more people who think otherwise (and you're actually not the
first person mentioning the grey borders) we can change it. As for the
completeness... it's still work in progress, and once the engine will be
complete, more attention to colours will be certainly paid - currently
we've done something that use very similar colour scheme to Clearlooks
(only the blue stuff is more saturated) but in future there most
probably will be some adjustments...

> Anyway, keep it up!
> Best wishes,
> Jon
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Thanks for your comments,

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