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Re: F8 theme: Fire Work and Light Show by Jiri

Hi all, I know that my submission came late, so, I'm ready to move it to  *ExperimentalDesigns* ...


2007/7/16, Nicu Buculei < nicu_fedora nicubunu ro>:
Danial wrote:
> Indeed.   My own submissions were stopped by errors in the wiki/license
> agreement registration process a single day before deadline.   At
> Rahul's suggestion, both the wiki admin and Mairin were sent emails
> regarding the problem.   To date, neither have replied.  I therefore
> assumed the process was closed.   After deadline I quit pursuing the
> issue.   Perhaps that was an error?

I think Mairin was/is busy with the Red Hat High Camp and was not
available to reply in time.
This is why I brought the issue to the list, to defer the submission as
a consensus of the team.

[1] - http://www.redhatmagazine.com/2007/07/13/red-hat-high-update/
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