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Re: Nodoka theme engine


I released new version of the Nodoka gtk {engine;theme}[1]. I made a new
function for setting gradient and the old forwarded through this one
with parameters that use murrine engine. Nodoka styling uses different
parameters... So I updated most of the widgets to the new styling. They
should be now able to render  with nodoka styling and murrine styling
(depending on chosen style). I also added shadows to button, editbox and
derived component. Another notable change is added deepness to
progressbar. Also, I reworked the radio button and the check button. 

Those were changes mostly to the engine. As for the Nodoka gtk theme I
changed the colouring of the scroll bar and got rid of the blue on

RPM for i386 [2] and SRPM [3] available.

I updated the Nodoka wiki [4] download section and replaced the
screenshot with an actual one.

Comments, patches, feedback, etc. welcome :)


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