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Re: F8 theme: Fire Work and Light Show by Jiri

Hi Danial,

Danial wrote:
Indeed. My own submissions were stopped by errors in the wiki/license agreement registration process a single day before deadline. At Rahul's suggestion, both the wiki admin and Mairin were sent emails regarding the problem. To date, neither have replied. I therefore assumed the process was closed. After deadline I quit pursuing the issue. Perhaps that was an error?

I've been out of town for over a week to teach a course in Inkscape at Red Hat High. I am now at home for a few hours before flying out to the UK for GUADEC. So I apologize if I haven't been particularly responsive on-list or via private email lately.

That being said, I have been checking my email, and I can find no such email in my inbox as I search right now. I have an email from you on 2 July but I'm guessing what I'm looking for was sent 10 July?

Can you give me the subject line or some other clue to find it?


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