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Re: [F8 Theme Proposal] Fedora Infinity

On 13/07/07, Nicu Buculei <nicu_fedora nicubunu ro> wrote:
So here is the experiment I sketched: take the "infinite structure"
image, strip it of all details and leave only the metaphor and a few
gradients of light and shadow, in the spirit of simplicity we talked
about in other designs.


Probably it could get back some more details and shades.

Yes, getting the details by a CGI could be a big improvement on photos
that do not have a huge amount of perspective. Take the oceans for
example, you can be more selective about the details such as the
people sitting on the cliff edge or birds in the distance - it might
be difficult to photo these. I do think, however, for imagery with is
quite strong (the tall trees or railings) a photo can look moe
striking as you then have the texture of not only the material but the
paintwork too.

I enjoy photography as a hobby and a chunk of my shots have strong
subejct & perspective combinations so I'd love to help if this is
chosen as the final theme... and, of couse, if this will be photos or

My 2 pence.


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