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Re: Update moon & cube theme

Mola Pahnadayan wrote:
Moon :

   Add background : /http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F8theme-moon

I like this better than the initial image, it introduce new elements (the tree, the fence) and it avoid the "water-reflection" cliché. I am sure some will complain about its darkness, but I like darkness, and maybe we will have a simpler and lighter alternative right along.

A couple of suggestions for improvement:
- the white pixels on the background are stars? If so, there are too many of them (and should not be seen over the moon). If they are rain, they are too round and don't look like rain. They look to me much like snow, which foes not fit the rest of the image at all; - the white fedora logo over the black ground provide a very strong contrast, how about dropping the logo? ar at least de-emphasize it *a lot* (do it as a translucent watermark?)

Cubes :

   Add background :

Wow! This is a completely different take!
Unfortunately, I don't think it is good as a default wallpaper, it too contrasting, the big white 8 over the dark background will distract your attention.
I like very muck your cubes and their transparency.

But overall, I'm inclined more towards Martin's initial take, which is much softer.

On a sideline:
- IIRC, we don't want release numbers inside the artwork, that would be locking and would not make sense for someone to use the picture in a future release even if he like the graphics;
- this is obvious and I think you already know you used a wrong font

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