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Re: [Fedora Mascot] What's the current status?

Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
Martin Sourada a écrit :
I see the Mascot page [1] is little outdated - Last edit in the April...
Was actually any Mascot selected for promoting Fedora or the development
died out? I'm just pinging how's it going, as I am not quite sure about
the status.

The response from the team to the initiative was pretty low, so we did not pursued it harder. Personally I intended at some point to revive the interest with a blog post but was busy with other thing and forgot about that. Maybe I'll blog about it later today...

Idle status at the moment. Given the time constraint for Fedora 8.
having mascot is not really a high priority.

But the mascot is not tied with the release in any way, the graphics is not planned to be included in the downloadable bits, so we can release it when is ready. Alignment of some kind with the release schedule may be nice just from a marketing point of view, a publicity stunt.

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