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Re: Nodoka theme engine


I would agree with the statement preferring not to have gray inactive window borders; my personal preference is something utilizing bg[NORMAL] -- I think that's also what the current Clearlooks metacity does.  With the gtk engine, I think I'll try to remove glazestyles -- Nodoka doesn't use them, and the engine would probably be a lot faster without them.  I'll also see if I can add shadows to the currently non-shadowed widgets.

Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
Martin Sourada wrote:
> Hi,
> I released new version of the Nodoka gtk {engine;theme}[1]. I made a new
> function for setting gradient and the old forwarded through this one
> with parameters that use murrine engine. Nodoka styling uses different
> parameters... So I updated most of the widgets to the new styling. They
> should be now able to render with nodoka styling and murrine styling
> (depending on chosen style). I also added shadows to button, editbox and
> derived component. Another notable change is added deepness to
> progressbar. Also, I reworked the radio button and the check button.
> Those were changes mostly to the engine. As for the Nodoka gtk theme I
> changed the colouring of the scroll bar and got rid of the blue on
> prelight...

You might want to follow the new feature process to get this into the
Fedora 8 feature list.


I am running the new theme as default in Fedora 7 now. Will provide more
feedback late.r


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